“Google Inside Look 2018” — My First Google Experience

Ahmet Özlü
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I was at Google Munich Office on 30&31 August to join “Google Inside Look 2018” event that has been provided me a great experience! I have met with the Google Developers team members and the real Google culture! I have taken a huge advantage for my Google internship recruitment, that is on progress currently, and for my future Google career! I have been super busy until now so unfortunately I couldn’t find any chances to share my first Google experience. But now, let’s start…

Inside Lookers 2018 — Google Munich Office

What does Google mean for me?

I’ve been interested in tech since my childhood. I always have been trying to learn new things for implementing them to make our world better, easier and happier place!

In my childhood and teenage years, IBM and Nokia were the biggest and the most famous tech companies that I was interested on them. And, I was dreaming about that I am working at there with the most hardworking and smart people (by the way I believe hardworking and self-discipline are more important than how much smart you are) to build high technological products for making the world better place!

From the first year of my bachelor, Google have been always in my mind. After my bachelor, I started to think seriously about for getting a job in a successful and big tech company. Moreover, I’ve created a target list that contains the coolest tech companies in the world such as Google, IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and so on. However, they have not same level attractiveness for me. My favorite is always Google and here are the most important reasons:

  • Supports open-source
  • Supports academia
  • Always being the most innovative
  • Respects the privacy
  • Always being the most professional
Google Munich Office

I think, Google has been always determining the tech world trends… It is always the most innovative company and its products such as maps, cloud and search engine systems have big impacts on me as being a software engineer. I love Google’s open source frameworks, libraries, programming languages and utilities such as TensorFlow, Android, Go, Kotlin, Magenta, Copybara and more…

After my bachelor graduation, I had started to work at a start up for 18 months and then I have joined Garanti Technology, which is one of the biggest tech company in my Country, at February 2018 but of course Google has been always in my mind and I have a big passionate to make my dreams come true!

What is the “Google Inside Look” event?


a.1) Formal Description

Inside Look brings talented computer science students studying in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa to a Google office for an insider’s view of engineering at Google.

Inside Look brings computer science students on an all-expenses-paid trip to a Google office for two immersive days of technical content and exposure to engineering at Google.

Selected students are invited to attend an all-expenses-paid trip to experience an immersive two-day program that explores Google offices, allows participants to meet the teams behind Google’s products, and allows them to gain a deep understanding of life as an engineer at Google. Activities include product tech talks, hands-on workshops, panel discussions from a diverse range of Google engineers, and — in true Google fashion — plenty of Google goodies!

You can find details such as “eligibility”, “FAQ” and “Terms & Conditions” information on the official event page.

a.2) Description based my experience

  • Get a chance to meet with the Google Developers team members
  • Get a chance to meet the “Real Google Culture”
  • Discover one of the Google Office for 2 days long
  • Attend the product tech talks, hands-on workshops, panel discussions from a diverse range of Google engineers
  • Join a “mock interview of Google”
  • Get a huge advantage to be a “Google Intern”
  • Get a big advantage to be a “full-time Google Engineer”
  • Build friendships with the “inside lookers” are talented computer science students studying in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.


Selected students have an immersive two-day program that explores Google offices, allows participants to meet the teams behind Google’s products, and allows them to gain a deep understanding of life as an engineer at Google. Activities include product tech talks, hands-on workshops and panel discussions from a diverse range of Google engineers.

Here is the awesome 2 days schedule provides meeting the Google Developers team, getting the details of the magical Google projects such as “Maps” and “Cloud Robotics”, fun activities, traveling around the office, and “mock interview” which is one f the most important part for me!

The immersive two-day program of “Inside Look” event

All of the product tech talks, hands-on workshops and panel discussions was great! However, my favorite was “mock interview” that provided me understanding of how Google Interview is like. It was absolutely a great practice that having an interview with a real “Google Interviewee”!

Mock Interview:

I loved mock interview session so much! It provided me to understand how are Google interviews done! I had an interview with a real Google Interviewee and here is the scenario:

  • He wanted from me to develop an algorithm based array operations
  • I tried to clarify the question to understand the edge cases and get some hints
  • Then I started to write some codes from scratch
  • After completed the first version of my algorithm, I asked to continue for making the code better in terms of time & space complexity
  • I finished and we had discussion about it
I have been studying as like a crazy for the further processes!

Results: He warned me about the interaction. I mean, the interaction while you are writing some codes has huge important for interviewees. They want to understand how do you think, how do you find approaches to solve problem fast and efficiently. Moreover, you can get more hints while explain what are you doing because they might provide you some easy solution you have not though.

The session was so great and I am so happy to get this experience! I understand that I need to have tons of practices to be better and better and I have been working to make myself more prepared about the Google interviews and further process!

The City of Munich

Discovering the city of Munich in a ‘cold’ and ‘rainy’ day…

I have not ever been in Munich until this event! Therefore, it was great that the event took place at Google Munich Office. This provided me to discover Munich and German culture that I am really interested on them!

The Munich city has a great design! All the buildings, public transportation and city utilities such as shopping malls and markets were designed based the efficiency concern. Everything is the efficient as much as possible! I loved it!

The weather was quite bad while I traveling the city! Rainy and cold brr… However, discovering the Munich was a great experience!

With my Inside Lookers friends at Marienplatz

This is the city center and heart of the city since 1158! It has beautiful architectural design and quite magnificent appearance!

A landscape from Isar River

Isar River
This river has natural beauty and I was surprised when I learned that the people swim in the river in summers! Unfortunately, it is rainy and cold so I could not see anyone around the river.

Technische Universität München
I found a chance to see campus and university library. It looks quite well designed, clean and peaceful. It would be great to have research activities at there! I have heard that there are very successful academician especially in Computer Vision, which are my main interest area, so I can think seriously about to continue my research studies in there!

The streets are very clean, not crowded and peaceful in Munich

Munich is one of the most “efficient” European city I’ve ever seen! The public transportation is great! The green environment and natural landscapes are so beautiful! I loved “Isar River” and “English Garden”… Moreover, of course the city centre — Marienplatz is amazing! As a summary, I loved the Munich which is the most liveable city in 2018! And Google Munich Office has great location that near the city center and Technische Universität München!

Google Munich Office — Reception


It was a great experience!

First of all, I should say that the organization team (Exie, Kristina and Janina) was amazing! They are so kind, nice and cute! They are always in your near to get your questions and explain what do you wonder… I am so appreciated to them and I already told it to them thousand times…

Google means a lot to me! I love what Google does! It supports academia, open source and encourage the students are all over the world! And I have many reasons to love Google that I can not list all of them in here! I have been dreaming to be a part of Google Developers team for more than 5 years and the last summer I was the closest moment to make my dreams true! Now, it is still in the progress that making my dreams come true and I have been studying with a huge dedication and passion for the further process! I am sure that I will make my dreams true!!!

Some photos from Google Munich Office

You can paint in your spare time at Google Munich Office, that is awesome!
If you need some inspiration or working not on a simple table, come here and work or enjoy your coffee…
He is carrying “Google’s Street View Trekker Backpack”
Of course Android!
Forget the boring meeting rooms (a view from one of the meeting rooms of Google Munich Office)
The views from amazing tech talks..

I have been working with 100 percent dedication to make my dreams come true! And I am sure that I will! See you…



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