“Google Inside Look 2018” — My First Google Experience

Inside Lookers 2018 — Google Munich Office

What does Google mean for me?

  • Supports open-source
  • Supports academia
  • Always being the most innovative
  • Respects the privacy
  • Always being the most professional
Google Munich Office

What is the “Google Inside Look” event?


a.1) Formal Description

a.2) Description based my experience

  • Get a chance to meet with the Google Developers team members
  • Get a chance to meet the “Real Google Culture”
  • Discover one of the Google Office for 2 days long
  • Attend the product tech talks, hands-on workshops, panel discussions from a diverse range of Google engineers
  • Join a “mock interview of Google”
  • Get a huge advantage to be a “Google Intern”
  • Get a big advantage to be a “full-time Google Engineer”
  • Build friendships with the “inside lookers” are talented computer science students studying in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.


The immersive two-day program of “Inside Look” event

Mock Interview:

  • He wanted from me to develop an algorithm based array operations
  • I tried to clarify the question to understand the edge cases and get some hints
  • Then I started to write some codes from scratch
  • After completed the first version of my algorithm, I asked to continue for making the code better in terms of time & space complexity
  • I finished and we had discussion about it
I have been studying as like a crazy for the further processes!

The City of Munich

Discovering the city of Munich in a ‘cold’ and ‘rainy’ day…
With my Inside Lookers friends at Marienplatz
A landscape from Isar River
The streets are very clean, not crowded and peaceful in Munich
Google Munich Office — Reception


It was a great experience!

Some photos from Google Munich Office

You can paint in your spare time at Google Munich Office, that is awesome!
If you need some inspiration or working not on a simple table, come here and work or enjoy your coffee…
He is carrying “Google’s Street View Trekker Backpack”
Of course Android!
Forget the boring meeting rooms (a view from one of the meeting rooms of Google Munich Office)
The views from amazing tech talks..




I am a big fan of Real Madrid CF and I love computer science!

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Ahmet Özlü

Ahmet Özlü

I am a big fan of Real Madrid CF and I love computer science!

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