Develop your first Spring Boot app in 5 mins

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Spring Initializr automatically creates the base project for us with selected language, version, and dependencies.
  • Here are two options as “Maven Project” and “Gradle Project”, and I choose “Maven Project”.
  • We have 3 languages: Java, Kotlin and Groovy, and I choose Java.
  • I use 2.5.0 Spring Boot version which is a ultimate stable release that I like most!
Project metadata
  • In project metadata section, we can set our project metadata.
  • There are some specific details like packaging and Java version. I choose Jar and Java 11.
  • In dependencies section you can add dependencies you need!
  • Since we’ll develop a basic rest controller, we added Spring Web as our only dependency.
File -> import -> Maven -> Existing Maven Projects
Select our project to run.
Whitelabel Error Page
controller package
Yes! We did it!




I am a big fan of Real Madrid CF and I love computer science!

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Ahmet Özlü

Ahmet Özlü

I am a big fan of Real Madrid CF and I love computer science!

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